• DR Temi Robot Product

    Temi – Doctor Temi Robot

    $1,500.00 / month and a $1,500.00 sign-up fee
    Dr. Temi the autonomous robotic telemedicine cart that allows the provider to navigate the facility, visit patients without the need of an attendant. Attendant assisted live streaming stethoscope for full cardiac and lung examination. The six parameters intensive care unit grade patient monitor allows for continuous Blood Pressure measurement, continuous temperature measurement, continuous Oxygen saturation, Respiratory rate, 5 lead EKG with continuous cardiac monitoring and Heart rate. Over 1000 measurements can be stored and reviewed later. The additional exam cam allows close examination of the wounds and skin infections.
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    Constant protection.Touchless fall detection.

    Exclusively with Alexa Together.

    Our Senior Care Programs coupled with Vayyar are built around unique touchless technology that monitor seniors around the home. If they fall, it gets help.  Camera-free imaging radar sensors provide constant supervision, while maintaining privacy at all times. FCC-approved, Vayyar Care monitors 24/7, detecting both major and minor falls in all lighting conditions and even through steam, allowing temi robots to instantly call for assistance.
    Residents & Patients can easily utilize our telehealth features to instantly connect to their doctors and therapists. Senior care providers and their solution partners now have a new kind of technology to deliver predictive, personalized care, that puts dignity, privacy and independence at the heart of everything. With temi/Vayyar they have rich, real-time data that drives actionable insights. This system may also require a monthly subscription to software services from Vayyar.  This will be based on your needs as a facility. Price Includes:
    • 5 Vayyar Sensors
    • 1 temi V3 Robot
    • temi Center PRO (1 Year)
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    UV-C Addon Only (temi V3 Robot not included) Temi carries an add-on with Philips 37W-55W UV-C disinfection light tube, which certified to disinfect 99.9% virus / bacteria / fungus within 3 meters radius range. Supported by Temiscript - a customizable Temi app that allows you to self-plan disinfection route and duration at your preferred schedule.

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